Life Lessons Learned After One Year Of Podcasting

Consistency Within Yourself Is Key

I know this may be drawn out for most of you, as everyone says it! Be consistent! Make content every day! But it really is important. Because the thing is, most people aren’t, and no matter how you or someone else judges your work, showing up consistently is going to beat everyone else out.

It’s A Great Way To Develop Speaking Skills

It’s a lot more work for myself if I have to go back and edit out all the “um’s” and silences and tangents. So podcasting forces me to avoid them as much as possible to save time in editing.

It Opens Opportunities

When you have more people listening to you, not just in a podcast, but in life, it inevitably creates more opportunities.

People Love Having A Platform

Humans naturally love telling stories, especially in something they’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

I’ve Become A Better Listener

The best conversationalists don’t actually have the best lines, or all of their topics at the ready. They’re great listeners. They may be knowledgeable and insightful, but more importantly, they listen to their guests and are able to flow with what they’re saying. With good listening skills, they can draw out the more interesting parts of anyone’s story.

It’s Important To Take A Break

In December of 2019, I took a break from my podcast after releasing 44 episodes every Monday. I realized that I had been spreading myself thin with the many other content pieces I was pursuing.

Season 2 Is Up!

I’m excited to start back up Season 2 of my podcast now having a lot more motivation, determination, and clarity in what I want out of the show.

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