It always seems like there’s some other agenda that the “haters” and “trolls” are trying to get after. In this example, it might be something like take-down-all-of-medium-for-charging-people-money-to-read-articles. First of all, that’s a terrible mission to have in your life (how fulfilling could that be?), and second of all, is commenting on an individual’s post really going to do that? Like, if this particular post wasn’t interesting for them, are they going to comment the same on every other person’s post?

It just seems like they a) either don’t understand how Medium’s pricing works, b) there’s something else going in their life that led them to fight an unnecessary war.

So I’m glad you’re not too bothered by it, though your initial reaction is totally normal too, but their negativity is most likely coming from a broken place and has nothing to do with you, personally, but with something bigger that they don’t know how to address yet.

Keep writing Sandra!

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